V-Guard Inverter JAADOO 800

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What about a jaadoo at your home? It is really amazing no? Before you make an “awe!” with wonder, let V- Guard introduce the ‘Jaadoo 800’. Like all our products, we have many specialties in Jaadoo 800 also. You can never expect such a power packed with the best in class features which results in the seamless power at your place. It allows you to run your mixer grinder at a very low voltage situation. And you can also charge the battery from as low as 90 v. The Jaadoo 800 makes your life trouble free by providing the best backup. It also offers the normal and UPS modes. The square wave output is an additional feature of it. Jaadoo 800 has the special feature which avoids battery damage & reduced life due to water drying up. Moreover, you can choose the available battery according to your needs. Really the Jaadoo have power, which is much bigger than your needs.


  • Suitable for low voltage areas. Keeps battery healthy & provides backup
  • Runs juicer/ Mixer Grinder easily upto 600W rating
  • At least 8-10% higher backup than any competitors during backup modes
  • Less energy consumption in a year as compared to any competitors during battery charging from Grid
  • Intelligent Artificial Intelligence based battery water topping reminder avoids battery damage & reduced life due to water drying up
  • Charges battery from as low as 90 V mains
  • Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protections
  • Better fan speed than competitor products on 1-2 fan loads
  • Can switch between Normal and UPS modes easily just by a press of front button
  • Option to use any type of battery available in market as per your choice
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